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Find the pair of each card hidden in the faces of the cube. Use your memory to remember the location of each card.

Navigate through the diferent cube faces clicking or swiping from the top or the bottom of the cube.

Click or Tap in the cards to flip them and show his content.

Double click or Double tap in a card to select it. Do it again in another card to compare the two cards.

If you want deselect a previously selected card, Double click or Double tap in it.


CUBE MEMORY is a web game made by tx2z in HTML, CSS & JS. It works in all modern browsers, mobiles and tablets that support javascript and CSS3

If you find an error or bug, know a way to improve the game, want to create or have an idea for a new level, or you simply want to say "hello", you can do it at

Please, put your device in portrait mode.